When you’re ready to try out your shiny new golf clubs on the links, you may want to upgrade your golfing wardrobe before heading out to play. There are many styles of golf clothes to choose from that will help make you look good while hitting the ball or trying to putt it into the cup. If you want to wear something than either a pair of shorts and a standard polo shirt, you have many options available to you. However, the first consideration for new golf clothes should be their fit.

Dress to Play

While you want to look stylish out on the links, you also need to wear clothing that allow for freedom of movement. If the shirt you’re wearing is too tight in the arms, your swings will suffer because you cannot move well. If your shorts, skirt or slacks are too tight, you may not be able to get into the proper stance to hit the ball correctly. You will also be uncomfortable if your clothes are ill fitting, which will not make for an enjoyable day out on the golf course. Whenever you are playing a sport, whether it is tennis, bowling or golf, your attire should allow you to be comfortable and have ease of movement.

Dress for Your Body Type

Just as you would with any other clothing, you have to consider your body type when selecting fashionable golf attire. In order to choose clothing that balances or enhances your figure, you need to have an understanding of the shape of your body. Consider the shape of your body, such as whether you have broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and a square shaped body or are you long and lean. This will help you find clothes that fit you well and look good while you’re playing.

If you do have broad shoulders, you may wish to camouflage them by wearing a dark top and lighter colors or patterns for your shorts or skirts. If your bottom area is larger, you would want to do the exact opposite by wearing lighter colors on top and darker colors on the bottom. No two women are the same, so you will want to become familiar with the clothing, colors and patterns that best suit you and not just buy what is available. While you can buy clothing made specifically for playing golf, there is no rule that says you have to stick with those selections.

Be Aware of Fabric Yards

Along with considering your body shape, you will want to also be aware of the skinniest part of your legs and arms. Usually, a garment will end just above your elbow, knee or ankle joint, but it should also end where your legs or arms are their thinnest. This will help draw the eyes of others to the skinniest parts of your body, which could be helpful if you have areas on your body that you don’t like. Not only can you hide your wider hips with darker clothing, but also you can use this technique to keep people’s eyes off them.

Consider your lengths as well, because many makers of golf attire have shorts or skirts that are too short for many women. The clothing may only be 14 to 16 in length, which for many older women simply isn’t long enough for them to feel comfortable wearing these clothes. Look for brands that sell longer lengths so you can play comfortably and not have to worry about showing too much of your undergarments as you’re taking a swing or bending over to retrieve your ball from the cup.

Choose Patterns You Like

Fortunately, you now have many options when it comes to colors and patterns of golf clothing. You don’t have to stick with solid colors if you prefer patterns. Golf clothing is now available several types of patterns, including floral patterns that may be suitable for more feminine players, checkered patterns in bright colors that would look great for summertime play and stripes that can help flatter your figure.

Go online and search for golf clothing for women and you will probably be surprised by the range of choices that you have. While you can still wear khakis and a polo shirt, you can also opt for v-neck shirts, sleeves shirts and a variety of short, skort and skirt options.

Pick Your Brand

Most sports apparel companies make golf clothes for both men and women. Nike, Adidas and Sports Haley are some of the names you may come across when searching for golf clubs online. Search online at Amazon or online golf stores to find manufacturer’s that offer more variety so you have more choices to make when it comes to buying clothes that will flatter your figure in colors and patterns that you like.

You will usually have more options when it comes to buying sports clothing online than you will in a sports store, especially for women. Most sporting goods stores concentrate on menswear and only have small sections for women. In addition, you will also find more options for clothing to wear when the weather is cooler. You can select sweaters or jackets to pair with your clothing to help keep you warm and dry in the spring and fall months.

Other Items to Consider

Don’t forget to pick out a couple of pairs of golf shoes when you’re buying clothing to wear on the golf course. Golf shoes are important because they make it easier to walk on the turf and help provide stability when you’re swinging your clubs. You may also want to select a couple of different hat styles to help protect you from the sun when you’re playing. Sunscreen will be an essential accessory in your golf bag, but using a hat or visor when you play will help keep the sun off your face and help shade your eyes from the sun. You may wish to buy a pair of good sunglasses as well for further protection from the sun and on windy days.

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